Saturday, August 9, 2008


Wow! When I opened up my email today there was quite a lot of activity on the Boardmaker listserve I belong to. Long story short, there had been a call for more participation on the listserve. Apparently in the past it's been far busier than it has been lately and I guess with 2500 or so members, they're looking for more diversity in posts. In any case, it got me to thinking about wanting people to read my blog and wondering if anyone is. Then I got an email telling me I had a comment! Was I ever excited!! THAT prompted me to post more on the listserves I belong to (QIAT, Boardmaker, and TEAL--Technology in Education for All Learners). It's been a busy night. I had really intended to sit down and get the Olympics News-2-You adapted and put together the Olympics stuff I want to do with the kids this month. Oh, and start working on some new things for Wayne and Nikki. I want to try some adapted books with them. They did great with the Kansas book I did for state assessments and someone from Boardmaker had posted a website that really inspired me to do some more things like this ( I really need to at least look at the site again and write down my ideas before I forget them and they get reprioritized down the list. I got all caught up with email and blog reading and now it's midnight on my last day off before I go back to school. I'm tempted to just stay up and sleep in tomorrow. Oh wait, who needs sleep? Hmmm....


  1. Comments on my blog always make me happy! Hope mine was the one!

    My blog is not as focused on teaching as yours is, but I do teach preschool special education.

  2. Comments make me happy too! :-)

    I found your blog from your signature line in the Boardmaker group and have book marked it...will be back soon!

    I have an Active Board (Promethean). My students are pre-k kiddos with mild-moderate disabilities. The pen hasn't been a problem for us. We did order several of those heavy duty hollow blocks to make a platform so they can reach better. Also, we use Active Primary, it's Promethean's software that is design especially for younger students. It's pretty similar to the regular software, but I like it because the menu options run across the bottom of the screen...again where they can reach better.