Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

No, we haven't stopped working on our Wizard of Oz unit and no, I didn't forget to post Part 3 of our journey down the Yellow Brick Road. We are simply stuck on Part 2 for the time being. Between MLK Day and Inauguration Day plus a community outing last week, we just did not have enough time to get through the material. Thus we repeated last week's plan this week. Today we made scarecrows and they turned out SO cute. We modified this plan slightly by using styrofoam balls wrapped in muslin for the head. Even Wayne, who HATES art projects, got into this one and made awesome choices and fully participated in the project. Tomorrow we read my modified Boardmaker version of the story and work on comprehension questions. On Friday we'll do the sensory story with our peer buddies, play with bubbles, and make magic wands.

Next week we plan to work on the following activities along with Part 3...
  • Heart collage: choose colors and sizes of hearts to create a collage; we'll probably add a texture component to this too
  • This lion project: we'll make ours a bit smaller and use photos of the kids' faces
  • If we have time we'll make our own poppies, letting the kids explore circles and choosing their own colors for their flowers
  • Cook a recipe with an apple theme, probably a simple apple crisp we can make in the microwave; this recipe lets us incorporate assistive technology by chopping the apples in the food processor; my "non oral" kids can taste test the different ingredients as well as help measure and stir so they are fully included
  • There is a lot that goes on in Part 3 so it will probably take us some extra time to become thoroughly comfortable with the story

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