Sunday, January 18, 2009

English Child Songs

Larry Felazzo just posted about the website English Child Songs. These are simple animated children's songs that include the printed lyrics. Very cool, particularly for younger learners. The animated videos will also display well on an interactive whiteboard, especially in full screen mode. I didn't explore the site very long but I thought accessibility could be a bit of an issue as the menu is a drop down box. However, kids could always use AAC to make requests. Switch access to the site would be pretty much limited to pause or play (they are separate buttons so can't be used to toggle on and off). The child could pause the song to indicate the desire to request a new song. There are lots of songs to choose from. It would also be easy to make song boards using Boardmaker. I especially liked the phonics-based songs that target every letter of the alphabet. I often use materials designed for English Language Learners with my students as the language and concepts are typically simplified and easier for them to understand. Another good source for music activities is Super Simple Songs. They have a number of videos available on YouTube that either illustrate the songs or show how to teach with them. There are also lots of good support materials on the site.

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