Monday, March 7, 2011

Spa Day

Aaaaaahhhh! We have been pushing really hard to get through state assessments and were all ready for a bit of a break before the final push to the end. So we decided to have an impromput spa day in our room last Friday. Everyone had a BLAST and it was just what we needed to reenergize ourselves. Even the SLP had a good time, especially since I made communication boards for him to use (can't be all play around here; after all, we ARE a "Communicating Classroom") and of course it was perfectly set up for the PT.

We set up different stations around the room and had calming music playing all day:
  • Massage chair (vibrating mat attached to switch in a recliner; added mood lights and ipod)
  • Calming music with the Windows Media Player visualizer projected on the wall (this was a favorite of most of the kids); beanbags and other comfy chairs available for "meditation" time
  • We set up our Homedics foot spa in the same area (bliss!)
  • Manicures and pedicures were available (or hand and foot massages for those who didn't do nail polish)
  • Massage table with our Sparkle Flex lights (actuallly the mat table and the lights were on a switch for participation plus whoever was using this area could also see the visualizer projection)
  • We moved the swing temporarily to a new space (and liked it so much we actually ended up permanently rearranging that part of the room!) and added some mood lights to the area
  • The bathroom became a "beauty salon" where several of the kids (mainly the girls) opted for hair styles, facials, and make overs
A highly recommended activity that could be adapted for a variety of needs and purposes. This would be great as a peer activity too.

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